ccgsl: a C++ interface for the gnu Scientific Library


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Download the source code from the official download page.


On unix-like platforms you should can configure and install ccgsl in the usual way:

$ ./configure
$ make install

The final step may have to be done as a root user:

$ sudo make install

and the default installation directory is /usr/local/include/ccgsl/. Note that, since no code needs to be compiled to install ccgsl, there is no make step.

If ./configure fails for any reason, try:

$ ./bootstrap

and then repeat ./configure .

For other platforms, or if the installation does not work easily, simply copy the directory ccgsl that contains only .hpp files into some location where your compiler can find it, usually by putting #include<ccgsl/filename.hpp> near the start of your code. You can also put it locally in your C++ project and use it, for example, by putting #include"ccgsl/filename.hpp" near the start of your code.

Please let me know if you find an easier way to install on your platform. I mainly work with gnu/Linux platforms.

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