ccgsl: a C++ interface for the gnu Scientific Library


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Developing code with ccgsl

Look at the example code to see how you might typically write code containing ccgsl functions. Compile the code exactly as you would compile any other C++ code with the gnu Scientific Library. On unix-like systems, typically you might use:

g++ -o code -lgsl -lgslcblas -lm


The ccgsl package is still developing. If you wish to help, please contact me through sourceforge. There are several areas where you may be able to contribute.

gsl functions

Some gsl functions have no ccgsl interface yet. If you need some of these, let me know and consider helping to implement them, either by writing a header file or by editing a basic one so that it is properly documented and tested.


There are tests for most of the functions in the check directory and you can compile them using

make check

though you will need C++11 to get some of them to compile properly. Please consider helping to write a test framework for an area you know about so that the testing is more thorough.

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